Nkwasangara Primary School – June 2009

Nkwasangara Primary School is located on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro just outside Moshi.
There are up to 80 students in a class, sharing 1 book between 5 and a desk for 2 often shared with up to 4 students.

In June 2009 some of us were lucky enough to go out and supervise the refurbishment of a new kitchen which we were funding, as well as visit several other projects around Moshi. This included a new library put together by some of our colleagues at Masandarka Deaf School.

The old kitchen consisted of a small brick building, with the chef cooking on an open stove, yet still being able to produce some wonderful food. Water, for food preparation and hand washing, was collected from the nearby river.

We supervised the construction a new kitchen with real stoves, secure storage and water harvesting. In addition, we visited other schools distributing shoe boxes (gift boxes) and mosquito nets, meeting with many more children.

It’s hard to describe the two weeks in a few words, as we did so much and met so many people. We were welcomed into the lives of so many. We interacted with the children, and were welcomed into peoples’ homes. They didn’t have much but what they had they were willing to share and were so grateful for what we have given them.

We worked together painting classrooms, learnt together, ate together, played together and even sang together. It may not be a rich area, but it is beautiful with some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. Which was epitomised by the leaving ceremony we received, which involved a whole roasted goat, including the head which I swear was staring at me, makes you realise we do really have very little to complain about.