Nshara Ufundi Primary School

In January 2012 the Rotary Club of Oxford Spires gave a donation to Nshara Primary School in the Moshi District of Tanzania. This donation was to enable the school and its supporters in the community to renovate the kitchen, dining hall and store.

In April 2012 we received a letter from our contact at the school, Mr Bartholomew Meena, to tell us that the work had been completed. Here is an extract from his letter:

“Dear friends,

I am glad to inform you that the renovation of the building which was built in 1957 at Nshara Primary School is completed. The renovation project involved a number of activities including plastering, painting, inserting new doors, installation of water and electricity with new electrical accessories and fittings, repair the damaged wall and many other as the pictures of the renovated building shows. After buying all materials required for renovation, the remaining funds was used to buy few copies of pupils’ books: Science book II and III and environment science. About 90 copies (30 copies of each book) were bought and all books have been stamped ″ Donated by Oxford Spires 2012”

We thank you very much for all you have done to our community, you saw the needs of our pupils, you presented it to your fellows at Oxford Spires and through your great heart of support; our buildings got the opportunity of being renovated and now they look new as you can see in the attached photos.
The building is now in use by the pupils; teachers and school committee have agreed to make sure that the building is well used and managed so that it last longer for the betterment of the future generation.

Personally, I thank Nshara Primary School teachers and the pupils for the cooperation and the support shown to all who were involved during the renovation works at their school. The school committee, parents, teachers, pupils and the government leaders have also appreciated your generosity.”

See some of the photos from the school:

Before the work started

Work in progress

After the work was complete