Vale House garden project

Vale House is Lesley’s chosen charity in her year as President 2012-13. Our club applied for a Rotary District Grant for a project to do some planting around Vale House and to buy a specialist chair for more disabled patients. Read about the progress of the project below.

Read about the fundraising activities for this project

The Background

Aspire was established in 2001 and it runs its own social businesses offering professional facilities management services to organisations across Oxfordshire. Aspire gives its trainees work placements and employments opportunities in their teams in areas such as grounds maintenance, textile recycling and furniture refurbishment.

Trainees may have been out of work or homeless for a variety of reasons and varying lengths of time. They get the opportunity to gain skills, experience and responsibility in real work environments. As they need it, they also get support with education and housing, and with finding permanent work.

Aspire delivers big savings for the Oxfordshire taxpayer of over £1m a year, it reduces re-offending rates and homelessness, promotes social inclusion and helps people move off benefits and into work. Aspire is a market leader at getting its trainees into work, with exceptionally low re-offending and relapse rates.

The Nasio Trust also has a base in Oxfordshire and it runs day centres for orphans and provides support for the children and their guardians in western Kenya. Nasio Exit 7 is a programme that started in 2006 when a group of young people from Berinsfield, south of Oxford, visited Kenya and helped to build a new day centre. The visits continue and they offer young Oxfordshire people a chance to turn their lives around  through positive activities and fundraising, culminating in volunteering projects in Kenya.

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The Project

This project idea was developed by Jane from Aspire and Nancy from the Nasio Trust. Many of the Aspire trainees come out of the ‘system’ having reached paid employment and secure housing, saying that they want to be able to give something back. Trainees may also benefit from ongoing support and mentoring from Aspire and their networks. The plan is that a group of trainees will run their own fundraising campaign to raise sufficient for them to all travel to Kenya for two weeks in April or May 2015 to help with maintenence projects at the Nasio Trust’s day centres and to support the local communities. Aspire staff and members of Oxford Spires Rotary Club will support the planning and activities. Read how the ideas are developing…..