Who we are

We are the Rotary Club of Oxford Spires

The club formed in 2003, making it one of the younger clubs in our Rotary District that spans Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley. In our sixteen years we have taken part in many different activities, raised thousands of pounds and have attracted members of all ages and different backgrounds to our club.

All Rotary clubs are different: we each have our local and international projects, we might run our own events or support those of our neighbouring Rotary clubs or other community groups.

In Oxford there are three other Rotary clubs and one Rotaract club. If you visit one and you think it might not be for you, then try one of the others. We all welcome visitors and new members. Our meetings are all slightly different so check before you turn up that you know whether there will be a meal or a guest speaker.

At Oxford Spires we just have tea & coffee and occasionally cake. At other clubs they will have lunch or dinner before a guest speaker or club discussions. Some clubs will have a raffle, as we do, just once a month, raising funds for a girl that we sponsor in Zimbabwe, through the charity Creating Better Futures.


We are currently looking for new members and new project ideas. We are contacting all businesses in Summertown this month and asking for project ideas as well as new members. We are not putting the same letter through the letter boxes of homes in the area – just because that would be a lot of paper and a lot of walking. However we hope that enough of the businesses will put the poster on customer notice boards so that lots of locals will see them and some may want to learn more.

This is what we are saying to our local businesses:

To the Manager and Staff of ______

Re: Rotary International in Summertown, looking for new members and new local projects to support

Oxford Spires Rotary is based in Summertown. One of 55 clubs in our district across Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley, we are part of an international service organisation of 1.2 million members, with some amazing international projects and scholarship programmes but also many small-scale local projects run by clubs in their own communities and youth competitions run on a local and regional level.

Our club meets twice a month in Summertown, on Tuesday evenings. Our ages range from mid 20s to mid 80s and we come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.

We are very keen to recruit new members, but also keen that some of these new members bring new project ideas with them. Might you or your colleagues be interested in finding out more about Rotary or might you be interested in telling us about a project that you are already supporting that needs more hands on support or access to grants to support the development of the project?
You might want to get involved in one off projects or regular volunteering opportunities; you might be looking for more help to run activities at the library or local schools; there might be a school, nursery, care home or public space that would benefit from the design and construction of a community garden; your school might want to set up a holiday club or after school club; you might want to develop a plan to support homeless people, or provide support for existing homeless organisations in Oxford.

The possibilities are many. While we can’t take on lots of new projects immediately, particularly if we can’t recruit new members or friends to help, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and to hear how our club might support local initiatives.

Our club moved to Summertown for its meetings at the start of 2019, and we would be delighted to engage more with the local community and local businesses.

You might know people who are also interested in international projects. We would be delighted to discuss these ideas too. We support many international projects run by our neighbouring clubs: toilets in schools in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Nepal; lunch clubs in schools in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda; water tanks and water harvesting systems; books, chairs and desks; to list just a few.

And there are opportunities to set up Rotary projects in schools: shoebox schemes; Rotakids; twinning with overseas schools; planting crocuses to raise awareness of Rotary’s polio eradication campaign…… the possibilities are extensive.

If you would like to find out more then please contact us through our website. One of our club members will get back to you within a few days.

Best wishes,
Karen, on behalf of the members of Oxford Spires Rotary


If you would like the poster, then download it here – OxfordSpiresRotary-poster-Oct19